The Children’s Heart Foundation Colorado Chapter is committed to the children of our state.  Here are some of the local children helped by the important research and advocacy efforts of our chapter.

Hayley was born in 2015 with Tricuspid Atresia and Hypoplastic Right Heart. We learned that she had a heart defect only two weeks before she was born. At that time, we were told that Hayley would need a series of three open heart surgeries with the first at about two weeks of age. We were very concerned about the first surgery since Hayley was only 4 1/2 pounds when she was born. Miraculously Hayley was able to skip the first surgery to put a band on her pulmonary artery. We were told that Hayley would need to have open heart surgery at about 6 months old to repairs two holes in her heart and preform the Glenn operation which would be the first surgery to make her a single ventricle. During the time leading up to Hayley’s surgery we focused on getting her to gain as much weight as possible so that her surgery would be a success. Prior to the surgery there was some disagreement among the cardiologists as to the surgery that would be needed. This was because the right side of Hayley’s heart did have some function, although it was debatably small. However,

Hayley’s surgeon was convinced that Hayley would need both the Glenn and Fontan surgeries to make her a single ventricle.
The day of Hayley’s surgery we received our second miracle. Hayley’s surgeon closed both of the holes in her heart and saw that her heart seemed to be functioning as it should. We had some ups and downs after surgery, but as of now Hayley’s heart has been repaired. Hayley’s cardiologists are monitoring her very closely and would like to see growth of the right side of her heart and her tricuspid valve. We don’t know exactly what the future holds for Hayley, and whether she will need future heart surgeries, but we are blessed to have an amazing little girl that is thriving. We cherish every moment we have with her.

Sydney inspires a large team at each year’s Congenital Heart Walk. She loves making friends with other heart kids and their brothers and sisters and her smile shines brightly.

If you ever meet Liam, he’ll probably shake your hand and introduce himself.  Liam’s not shy, but that’s probably because he’s spent a lot of time around adults.  This otherwise normal little boy had twelve heart surgeries before he began kindergarten and is facing a thirteenth this summer.  Had Liam been born fifteen or twenty years earlier, he would not be alive today, and his family is grateful and hopeful for the research funded by the Children’s Heart Foundation that makes Liam’s future possible.

Maddy is one amazing little girl!  She is not only beautiful, but super outgoing, happy and full of life. She loves people, ballet and preschool.  Everyone is a friend to Maddy and her parents think she is one special little girl.  Maddy was born with a very rare and serious congenital heart defect, called hypoplastic right heart.

The answer to his parents’ years of hopes and dreams was James in 2002.  Everyone knows James as a sincere, loving, compassionate and generous 9 year old.  He loves animals most especially giraffes and hopes to one day grow up and work at the Denver Zoo. He is all heart.  What most people don’t know is that he is a heart hero.  He was born with a CHD which was repaired when he was 1 year old. James’ family is so thankful for all the heart research for they canít imagine their lives without him.

Natalie is always the one who wants to break out with a silly face at any moment, just to make you smile. A truly girly-girl with her reddish curly hair, Natalie would decorate the world with glitter, pink, unicorns, and purple if she could. Despite the countless doctor visits and 4 heart surgeries that she’s had in her very young life, Natalie loves peaking at her old surgery photos. She steals her daddy’s medical college books to “read” whenever she can. Natalie is our walking miracle. She has given our family even more purpose in life.

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